Quality Vacation Club –
Confirm And Alert

Quality vacation club and vacation club ownership for lifestyle holidays and cheap family vacations may allow you to economize without compromising – but you must make an informed decision.

Before you sign any contracts for lifestyle holidays vacation clubs make sure that you are aware of exactly what you are signing for.

Take a look at the saving-wise guidelines below to help you confirm that you are making the correct investment or to alert you to causes for concern in your proposed investment of your hard earned money.

Quality Vacation Club

Do you understand what timeshare or vacation club ownership is?

  • You can buy a fixed period of time in a particular unit or vacation accommodation in shared vacation ownership usage.
  • It can also be called shared vacation ownership because you buy points or a share in vacation club ownership that can get you place to stay in units of differing sizes, during varying seasons and at certain resorts.
  • You will usually pay a once off price as well as a yearly levy for your share of the vacation ownership.
  • The levy is used to finance the day to day costs of the resort, the management, the administration and the upkeep and repair costs.
  • Generally remember when it comes to holiday saving tips, that timeshare is considered to be you investing in your future holidays.
  • It is not generally considered to be an investment with capital gains growth, rental income or a sound return on your invested capital.


Ask yourself the following questions and get the answers before you sign?

  • Will you be able to get reservations when you need them as the annual vacation ownership resorts may have an average yearly occupancy rate of 80% and upwards?
  • Will you have access to sufficient holiday accommodation at the venue, and during the timeframe that you require?
  • Will oversubscription result in no bookings being available and put an end your cheap family vacations?
  • Is the advertising misleading in anyway?
  • Are there any facts, opinions, photos or promotion literature and presentations that do not represent the reality of the vacation club that you are buying into?
  • Is there evidence of exaggeration or poetic license in the vacation club ownership offer?
  • Similarly is there any evidence that you have not been fully informed about important information that should have been clearly explained?
  • In not doing so, could too few facts (especially about the fine print) lead to a misconception about what you are buying?
  • Is the sales and contract material too complex and couched in jargon for you to understand?
  • Are you being pressurized into signing by “limited offer” or “offer expires shortly” advertising techniques?
  • Is your quality vacation club controlled by a regulatory body governed by a code of conduct?
  • Does the contract offer you the provision to withdraw in writing within a stated period of days after signing the contract?
  • Does the contract provide you with a clear overview of the main elements of the contract?
  • Will you be given a copy of the contract for your legal advisor to peruse before you sign?
  • Are you sure that you understand completely exactly what product you are buying?
  • Will your deposit be placed in a trust and not be given straight to the developer if you are buying off-plan? 

When travelling abroad to your quality vacation club remember to be a spend thrift when it comes to credit cards and foreign exchange too.

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