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Save on shipping as part of your budgeting finance blueprint for running a cost effective business.

save on shipping

You've worked really hard to establish your business - a broadening customer base, a great product line and excellent staff on board too.

You want to build the credibility of your business and always deliver your products to your customers on time, every time and without any organizational or operational glitches.

However, you also need to be really mindful of your cash flow in your business at all times.

Investigating ways to save money on your shipping costs will be well worth your effort and time.


Our business is organized and we know when each shipment needs to reach our customers so we can plan in advance?

Our proactive planning saves us money on shipping because we don't need to pay more for last minute, same day or overnight shipping?

Our streamlined shipping schedule allows us to send shipments more cheaply by road or rail freight instead of the more expensive flight couriers?

We always have sufficient bulk purchased packing and postage material so we save on buying smaller amounts or last minute emergency supplies?

We have a structure in place to weigh our parcels so that we can accurately quote for our shipping costs to our clients or incorporate the shipping fees into our pricing structure?

We always make sure that we use the smallest suitable box and lightweight wrapping material like bubble wrap or foam chips to minimize the additional cost of added weight?

We use a simple computer template to generate our own packing and postage labels?

We have looked into the need for insuring particular shipments to safeguard and manage risks and possible losses incurred through theft or damage?

Where relevant, we pack our products in sturdy boxes and attach "fragile" stickers to highlight the need for care during transit?

Our company has been quoted from three different courier companies with respect to the best discounted corporate business account prices that they can offer us, for both the sending and receiving of stock and supplies?

We have formed a direct one on one relationship with our business account portfolio manager at our chosen courier company to assist us with meeting deadlines or dealing with unexpected delays?

Where possible we make use of an online tool to calculate the cost of the potential shipment and we always get everything "in writing" for record and invoicing purposes?

Our courier company collects shipments from our premises and delivers dispatched shipments to our premises so we save on fuel and vehicle costs?

We always assign a dedicated person to oversee our shipment process to avoid delays, incorrect paperwork and administrative glitches which ultimately cost money or impact adversely on our company's professional credibility?

We always include a signed "Packing Checklist" so that the recipient cannot dispute which products were included in the shipment or not?

Your due diligence checklist for an effective business needs to extend include how to save on shipping.

Happy packaging and shipping!

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