Spring Cleaning Tips - Cleaning and Clutter
Conquered Creatively

Spring cleaning tips - simple and effective strategies to save money while organizing your home.

A clean and de-cluttered home is such a cost effective "feel good" way to enjoy your home and to simplify your lifestyle.

With practical money saving tips for frugal living - hey - it's never been easier to conquer the clutter and create a sense of tranquility and peace in your home with frugal household tips.

Clear the clutter, clean creatively with cost-cutting measures and appreciate the change it brings - literally and figuratively.


Creative Cost Efficient Cleaning

Winning windows - spray with dishwasher rinse aid and dry them with old newspapers for sparkling results that last.

Economical furniture polish - two parts olive oil mixed with one part lemon juice.

Fragrant carpets - sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda; leave for two hours and then vacuum away the bicarbonate together with the neutralized smells and the dirt.

Clinically clean chopping board - sprinkle it with dry mustard and rub the mustard over the surface - one minute later wash in warm soapy water and you're done.

Banish creepy crawlies - a bay leaf in drawers and kitchen containers will banish insect effectively.

Shining stainless steel appliances - wipe down with vinegar or soda water and buff vigorously to bring out the shine.

Fabulous flasks - a bottle brush for babies after soaking the flask with bicarbonate of soda and water will do the trick.

Mildew free shower curtains - soak your shower curtain in water with chlorine bleach and then use a brisk vinegar wipe to get rid of the soapy water marks.

Colorful crayon marks erased - re-heat the wax with your hair dryer and then wipe the wall mural away.

Musty odors minimized - a small box of pieces of chalk absorb the moisture and keep musty odors under control.

Freshly fragrant fridge - stir three tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into a liter of water and then wipe down all the surfaces ... sanitized and deodorized.

Perfect pots - remove burnt residue by adding some bicarbonate of soda to your pot filled with water and boil for a few minutes.

Conquer The Clutter ... Cheaply

Banish bills and needless filing - email all your suppliers and banks and request emailed accounts and bills.

Grocery lists and stick-it note reminders - swap paper copies for reminders and to-do lists on your cell phone (always with you, easy to edit and add to and quick to delete when done)

Piles of old newspapers and magazines - read the news on line and research free on line website for any articles you may want to read (accessible, current, topical and paperless)

Dusty books stacked in every conceivable corner - become reading-wise with clutter free e-books.

Spring cleaning tips - a saving plan - hope you appreciate the change and keep the change!

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