Strategies To Save Money -
Little Things Do Make A Difference

Strategies to save money -  small steps today can culminate in significant savings over time and start you on your journey to financial freedom.

strategies to save money

Take a moment and investigate simple, yet effective money savings techniques

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They will cost you nothing more ... than a moment of your time, a firm resolve and the desire to economize without compromise -  great motivation to enhance your lifestyle.

The best way to save money? Your financial knowledge coupled with your steely determination to become saving-wise.


Cut your credit cards and maximize cost-cutting caution.

Nothing new here. Pay off your credit cards as soon as possible, close the accounts and then "cut the cards"!

Less temptation = less spending = less interest paid =  money saving tips for frugal living.

Pay it forward - to yourself.

You and your family are the Number 1 priority - so pay yourself first. 

Set aside a pre-determined amount every month and stick to it.

It needn't be a large amount initially, but you need to pay yourself every month.

Get in to the good saving habit of paying yourself first - every time ... without compromise.

Zero spending for one day a week.

Budget wisely and set aside one day a week where you spend nothing.

A life-long, firmly ingrained compulsive spending habit is often the culprit for needless spending.

Break the cycle - give it a go - it really is a great feeling!

(A zero-spending day ... just don't be tempted to play "catch-up" the next day ... a zero-spending day is untouchable money.)

Wandering window shopper = whimsical "want it " wishes.

Stay out the shops.

It is so easy to convince yourself that you actually need the latest gadget, jacket, ring or DVD.

Be honest with yourself ... do you need it or do you want it?

Even the most resolved and most "brutal honesty" can be gently swayed from being practical and pragmatic, to impetuous and spontaneous, in the face of clever marketing ploys.

"Buy" yourself time on the "BIG ONES" and you'll save yourself money.

Can't wait to rush in and buy a new sofa, TV, computer or leather jacket?

Now's the time to put on the breaks and to keep them on.

Take your time, think about your purchase, research the best deal and then wait until tomorrow... the next week ... or even the next month.

Then, if you still need or perhaps even want the object of your desire - consider it and make further plans.

Strategies to save money. Will they work? Yes. Are they easy to implement? Not always.

Will it be worth it? Without a doubt!

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