Teaching Personal Finance -
Financial Freedom For Life

teaching personal finance

Teaching personal finance - arguably the most important investment you will ever make in your own life and in the lives of your children!

Work smarter and not harder - economize but don't compromise.

You owe it to yourself and to your family to take responsibility, accountability and control of your financial education.

Navigate your own course rather than continuing downstream - rudderless ... powerless.


You need to "know" about money and you need to teach your children about money.

Your personal financial education is the springboard that you will need to make money, to save money and to invest money wisely.

You cannot afford to take your financial freedom lightly - begin the journey today!


Use your financial planning education as you are proactively learning to save money; reduce debt; investigate debt solutions and free personal finance software.

And then - continue with your lifelong financial education as you learn about "building and breaking" ...

  • confirm investments that will "build" your financial freedom

  • and be ever alert to "deals" that will "break" your financial independence.


You need to become saving-wise so that you are able to:

  • recognize excellent opportunities for a good return on your investment that will generate cash flow;

  • understand the difference between bad debt and good debt - and more importantly ... how you can use good debt to your advantage,

  • acknowledge the value of credit card debt management and how to consolidate debt so that your "bad" debt free solutions and consumer credit help frees you up to focus on solid financial investments.

Teaching personal finance = having the financial knowledge to invest in your lifelong financial freedom.

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