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Ways to invest money that'll keep the focus on simple, uncomplicated and universal advice on how to invest in stocks.

ways to invest money

It would be great if we could all find the magical answers for ways to make quick money or for fast ways to make money.

Unfortunately, the instant gratification associated with the elusive "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow", is very often just that - an elusive pipe dream!

With so many different ways of investing money, you need to focus on universal, timeless and enduring investing words of wisdom.

Learn to invest money by using your own intuition with respect to what constitutes credible investment advice.

(Yes - that includes scrutinizing the guidelines and suggestions for the best way to invest money on this site too!)


The Plan -  Find A Company:

- that has shown sustained success for a long period of time

- that has a proven business plan and on going track record

- that has a simple recipe for its success and one that is ...

- that is run by credible, ethical and competent management

Found Your Company? Now Take Action!

- keep monitoring the stock and share prices of your company

- look for opportunities to buy shares in your chosen company

- but aim to buy your shares when they will cost you less than the shares' growth possibilities in the future

- how ... buy shares that have inherent sustainable value over the long term that are currently being sold at a reasonable or discounted price.

Hold On Tight And Bide Your Time

- wait - be patient (very often for five to ten years or longer)

- remain focused on the long-term return on your investment

- don't "sweat the small stuff" and resist the temptation to sell your shares when periodic economic events (and they will present themselves) may cause share prices to drop in the interim

- hold true to the long term potential return on your investment

- give the market time to confirm your initial thorough research into your chosen company; your careful monitoring of share prices for a buyer's opportunity and your unwavering patience

Ways to invest money - simple and universal money saving tips for frugal living.

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